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Established in 2017, Medical Case Consultants, LLC was born out of Brandy Seyller's first experience as a nurse expert witness. Facing a wrongful death matter involving allegations of nursing negligence against several nurses, Brandy's keen insights and dedication to truth prevailed in the face of undiscovered facts and misinterpretations of data by opposing experts. 


Background and Expertise of Brandy Seyller, BSN, RN


Brandy's journey in nursing began in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) at Emory University Hospital. Early mentorship propelled her into leadership roles, where she recognized the value and significance of nursing leadership. A testament to this commitment is her having founded the "Georgia Association of Nursing Students Nursing Leadership Scholarship," in efforts to give back to the nursing community and encourage others to foster their leadership qualities that not only benefit the nursing community but also the patients and families that nursing serves.


Brandy relocated with her family to Charleston, SC, where she expanded her area of expertise to include caring for children in the Pediatric Cardiac Surgical ICU, concurrently serving on the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Team (ECMO) as a core team ECMO Specialist. Her unique position allowed her to provide 1:1 patient care for both pediatric and adult cases requiring ECMO support and was pivotal in the necessity of expanding the role of the nurses quickly in the day and age of rapidly evolving technology and increasing the capacity of services available in healthcare.


Process Improvement and Six Sigma Certification


Acknowledging the need for process improvement, Brandy obtained Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification from Villanova University. This knowledge empowered her to enhance quality care, leading to the development of the hospital's first adult-specific ECMO educational tools, staffing models, order sets, and policies.


Collaboration and Professional Impact


Brandy's influence extended beyond her institution, presenting standardization processes at esteemed platforms such as the Cardiovascular Council and the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO). Collaborating across disciplines, she played a pivotal role in establishing global standards of care for ECMO.


Diverse Practice, Mentorship, and Professional Engagement


Embracing the role of a travel nurse in 2017, Brandy continued to accumulate extensive experience across diverse hospital settings and various intensive care unit specialties. She assisted as a consulting expert for various plaintiff and defense matters, has been deposed twice as a plaintiff attorney's expert and is actively retained currently for 2 cases. She is a consulting expert in matters concerning the state boards of nursing  and speaks to the standard of care when there is risk of discipline upon an individual's nursing license. She is actively practicing nursing, is a member of many professional organizations, and holds a compact state nursing license in South Carolina and the state of Connecticut.


Building a Legacy


Brandy is actively building a team that extends her legacy of mentorship and service. Her mission is to foster strong leadership skills in others, ensuring a lasting impact on the healthcare community, the patients, and the families nurses serve.

Medical Case Consultants, LLC, under Brandy's leadership, embodies a commitment to excellence, mentorship, and the relentless pursuit of truth in the complex landscape of healthcare litigation.


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